Our professional services team is excited to present this series of blog posts on creating the PERFECT video conference room.  We'll review not only strategy considerations, but also softer elements like training and documentation needs.  Through this blog series, you will truly learn the key factors to consider in building a Video Conference Room without getting fired.

Stay tuned as we document key items all audio visual deployments should review.

  • Checklist- How to set up a Video Conference Room.
  • Explore the Do's and Don'ts of conference room audio solutions.
  • Standard Video Conferencing Room Design: 5 things to consider.
  • Everything you should know about the conference room video camera.
  • Most common mistakes make when creating a room for video conference solutions.

Future posts from the team at Perfect Video Conferencing will outline:

• The 5 things to discover when designing a video conference room
• The Dos and Don'ts of conferencing, video bridges and mobile video conferencing
• What you need to know about less expensive (OK, cheap) USB Cameras that are near perfect
• The most common mistakes when installing, supporting and maintaining video conference solutions
• Video conferencing as a behavior change activity rather than a tool to facilitate work

About Perfect Video Conferencing:
Founded in 2009 by Randy N. Marcotte and John Killcommons, Perfect Video Conferencing was born of a commitment to integrity and partnership and the desire to create a boutique brand based on white-glove service to its customers.
What started as a simple conversation about shared values evolved into Perfect Video Conferencing. Those seeds of dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction has moved PVC from a shining star in a clouded sky of VARs to our own constellation of VAP – Value-Added Partner.

As our industry evolves, we continue to innovate and forge relationships in order to provide our customers with the most up-to-date unified communications solutions backed by the most customer-focused support, remaining true to those inspirations that are at our foundation.