Summary: Diversification of products to offer your customer is often not possible due to channel requirement. Perfect Video Conferencing offers collaboration options through a managed consortium of partners. By joining the channel and participating in the consortium, you can offer products to your customer without having the requirement necessary to maintain those channel resources.
Reference: Perfect Video Conferencing’s colleagues at Phoenix Systems is a powerhouse in Canada. They joined and used the PVC Channel to effectively reduce their own collaboration costs. See Phoenix Systems Blog

As CEO, I am always looking for ways to increase our team’s efficiency and reduce costs. Our promise to our customers is to lead a conversation around product innovation, value and partnership. I struggle at times to balance my desire for growth and expansion against the need to deliver a PERFECT, Perfect Video Conferencing experience.
Our Vancouver office has never really taken off and our efforts in Canada have been lack luster at best. The desire to expand in Canada most stems from our love of the technology and our desire for everyone to benefit, but also because of my own personal ties to BC and my admiration for Canadians in general. What we quickly learned, however, is that an organization must be part of the community in order to sell into the community. With that in mind I was excited to hear from Les Hoffman from Phoenix Systems. He is a powerhouse partner in the Lifesize community. Our organizations are able to support each other with install, design and deployment. Phoenix, however, had a unique challenge. They have (had) large costs for collaboration and no direct access to alternative products.
They also wanted to stay focused on Lifesize.
By joining our consortium, Les was able to get access to Zoom products without any of the revenue or channel requirements. As their blog post indicates, they reduced their costs by thousands of dollars.

Other benefits, mutual or otherwise?

  1.  PVC provides marketing and webinar support.
  2.  As a consortium member, Les gets fixed labor rates from any of the other consortium partners.
  3.  PVC can now offer products that Les and his team specialize in and get direct referrals for those closed deal. This increases our revenue options and the products we (and Les) can offer our customers.
  4. Our organizations are able to focus on our core skills, improve our product offering and provide additional value to our customer base.

For more details on the Perfect Video Conferencing Consortium, Please feel free to watch this recording from our knowledge base.