Our professional services team has enjoyed presenting this series of blog posts on creating the PERFECT video conference room.  We have reviewed not only strategy considerations, but also softer elements like training and documentation needs, all of which make a big difference to you and your bottom line.

The key elements we covered:

  • Part 1- Checklist- How to set up a Video Conference Room.
  • Part 2- Explore the Do’s and Don’ts of conference room (and desktop) audio solutions.
  • Part 3- Standard Video Conferencing Room Design: 5 things to consider.
  • Part 4- Everything you should know about the conference room video camera.
  • Part 5 -Most common mistakes make when creating a room for video conference solutions.

This final post, however, pivots to the business side of the product decisions you are looking to make. It is not hard to pick a favorite VAP, manufacturer or software. It is hardest to align that choice for long term solutions to the problems you face in your business.

1 -  Planning doesn't have to be complicated, but without a plan it gets messy.  Have a clear statement of work.  Validate the design, be it at the desktop or in the board room.

2-  Consider this a solution that involved behavior change and allocate the resources necessary to accomplish that- training, adoption, adaption, documentation and support is needed

3 - Have a budget and stick to it and make sure the outcomes of the project budget meet the business needs for video.

4 - Vendor choice - Choose a partner, not a vendor.  Define your criteria for value and relationship and be clear about your expectations.

5 - Solve a problem - Video Conferencing should enhance the business, not be a barrier.  Involve your stakeholders and make sure your internal communications about outcomes and products is as clear as your communications with your vendor.

As a follow up to the posts in this series, we will be consolidating this into a summary white-paper.  Add a comment or let us know if you are interested in receiving a copy.  Thanks in advance for any feedback and for participating.

- Respectfully yours,

Randy Marcotte and the PVC Team!